Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Things have been so busy recently I haven't been keeping on top of everything. My own Etsy shop has become somewhat of a graveyard, but don't fear, for I've been helping my mother set up her own! She has been doing the hard work: brainstorming, quilting & sewing; I have just been setting up the shop, making logos & being a nuisance with my camera. It will be open very soon, announcement to follow.

The weather has been good here recently and I have been making the most of every nice day in the garden. I haven't quite finished digging my vegetable plot yet, but hopefully it will be ready in time for the seedlings to go out. The rest of the garden finally exploded into bloom, making me very happy.

We visited a family friend for lunch the other day. She has a wonderful little cottage & garden. Every time I go there I'm inspired to do 100 different things when I am home.

This weekend is set to be busy, first we are going to a Festival of Quilting, then for some lunch, onto an Arts & Crafts Event and then finishing with a jumble sale (I am addicted to jumble sales, bazaars and charity shops at the moment!). I will remember to come and post about it next week :)

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