Monday, 12 October 2009


I'm moving blogs over to mon petit poi. It's a more personal blog, rather than being etsy/craft focused, but it does still include etsy and craft posts.

Oh, and I update it more often too!


Sunday, 16 August 2009

That's just typical! Five minutes before the most important party of my life and the house is destroyed by a giant sandwich.

Finally! A new item in the shop. Find it here, on our UK Etsy Shop. Mum has been making these gorgeous notice boards, I managed to convince her to make some for Etsy too :) Next to the notice board is the cotton reel holder I knocked up one night, out of the remains of a broken laundry basket would you believe. I never got round to finishing it though, and then I was given a gorgeous sewing box my great grandfather made. I'll have to take some photos of that for next time.
I haven't had much of a chance to make anything to sell recently (surprise, surprise) but I have been creating when I get the chance. For example, here's my friend modeling one of the cushions I made her:

I do have a few more items to list, unfortunately I have a deadline for Friday and I'm running behind. Hopefully the week after you will be seeing a hand knitted silk & merino baby wrap, an embroidered reusable shopping bag and a set of crocheted coasters. Updates will be on Twitter when they're listed :)

In other news.. It's my twenty third birthday in exactly seven days! The past year has sped by, it's kind of scary.

[the title is from The Young Ones for those of you wondering.]

Friday, 5 June 2009

Here we have the rather shy 'update'..

Wow, I've really neglected this blog.

If you're here from Etsy then I made a Twitter for short updates of new items and crafting exploits. It'll be more regular than posts here, but not so often that you'd get spammed with tweets.
Feel free to follow us!
I do have a personal twitter too but I fail at that almost as much as I fail at blogging. I guess I'm just a bit awkward with putting myself out there. If you're curious about me though feel free to follow that also;

I'll try to update here more often with photos etc.

I promised I'd update with news of my mum's Etsy shop. Well it's now up and running! Go take a look;
She's been crafting hard so there'll be new items added soon.
You may notice it's a collaboration - I haven't had much chance to craft items to sell this year, so we figured it would be in both our interests to operate from the same shop.
Hopefully I'll have a chance over summer to make some new books & get sewing, I've just been snowed under with work recently.
I'm disappointed with the quality of the photos. I had a hard time with the quilts trying to find somewhere I could lay them out nicely which also had good lighting.