Sunday, 6 January 2008

new beginnings

What better way to start the new year than to gather wild heather sprigs for luck?

A new year, a new blog and soon a new Etsy shop too!
At the moment I am working on quite a few things for myself; a rag rug, granny square blanket and a scrapbook, but I think I'll have to put them on hold and work on stocking Etsy. My sister got married on December 22nd after just four and a half months planning, so I have a small debt to pay off.

I've had the flu since the last day of last year, doubled with insomnia. I just cannot seem to sit still however awful I feel. Today we went for a walk in the woods, it was such a relief.

I have to make my sister & her husband a Christmas tree decoration as part of their wedding present - the stress of organising a wedding in such a short amount of time completely destroyed my inspiration, I couldn't stand to give them something half-hearted.