Thursday, 20 March 2008


I finally found a tree decoration I am happy with to give to my sister and her husband. The above valentine tree decoration is by HELLO my name is Heather. I've ordered some heart print card (albeit not as nice as that used in the photo) and I think I may use some of the vintage silks my great aunt gave to me to make a tassel for the bottom.

I've been busy working on my coptic technique over the past couple of weeks. I'm saving the money from selling the books to buy an A4 mould & deckle so I can make paper from the smallest scraps I am left over with. I try to reuse as much as possible, I love the idea of being able to turn even the tiniest scraps into something (hopefully) pretty and usable again, instead of just pushing it into the bin and letting somebody else deal with it. I am rather eager to get the mould and deckle so these books never made it to Etsy. I am definitely going to make more though. The book in the middle is my first book using book cloth! I made it myself using this amazing tutorial. It was a dream to work with and I now want to cover every book with pretty fabrics. I will have to raid the charity shops for suitable vintage fabrics to reuse I think.

It is the first day of spring today, according to Google. The weather is miserable. It's so cold & wet. I was hoping to have seeds sown & our vegetable patch dug by now. The mini greenhouse frame we have won't stay put - I attached it to the shed but the wind just rips it away & throws it in the pond so I gave up. The surviving purple-sprouting broccoli from last year is doing really well, we've eaten one bunch and more is sprouting fast. I'm not sure what to grow this year.

A bit late doing this, sorry! I was tagged by Katrina of

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The facts:
1. My thumb nails grow faster than all my other nails.
2. I sleep with my eyes open without even realising it.
3. My entire family can roll their tongues, except me!
4. When I was little I used to pronounce flood as 'flude' instead of 'flud'. Even when people corrected me I still said flude.
5. Sometimes I like Marmite, sometimes I don't.
6. I try to avoid ironing. It's not that I really don't like ironing, it just takes me hours. I try to do it quickly, but it just doesn't happen.
7. Unless it's very hot I don't like cold drinks. I prefer beer at room temperature!

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