Sunday, 22 February 2009

Etsy Wishlist #1: Moxie & Oliver.

Moxie & Oliver have been on my favourites list pretty much since I joined Etsy. If I had the money I would indulge in their gorgeous bags, belts, guitar straps and more. For now I am saving up to have a custom watch made. I haven't had a watch in years. I think my friends & family would appreciate it if I owned one.
(I'd also quite like the trunk they photograph their items on !)

They offer a wide range of traditionally made leather goods adorned with either brightly coloured flowers, skulls and hearts or more subtle carved patterns. There's a design to suit every taste, if not they're always coming up with new designs it seems (as my wish list grows ever longer..) or you can request a custom order.

I love a well made leather belt. Seeing these makes me wish my current leather belt wasn't quite as well made, so I could replace it without any guilt.

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  1. Their stuff is so beautiful! I love anything that looks a little bit old and full of charm as you know :) The trunk caught my eye too!