Wednesday, 24 September 2008

It's been a long time, long time now..

It will probably be one of my 2009 resolutions to update my blog more often. Yes, I'm already thinking of the new year, and of christmas, guy fawkes night and halloween! I love autumn and winter, even if my fingers do tend to go blue alot.

I made one of these birds & flowers coptic journals last month, but it sold not long after it was listed. I've just finished another and plan to make a few more; perhaps in a different size and one with a spine binding. It's covered with handmade gift wrap I discovered in a store which has just opened up in Holt - 'It's Great to be Green'. Sadly their website doesn't seem to be working.

In other news I finally got the DSLR I wanted! I am taking more photographs than ever, I love it! I will post some of them at some point..

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