Tuesday, 12 August 2008

My First.. Etsy Treasury

I was featured in my first Etsy treasury over the weekend (bottom right hand corner - 'Vintage Vines Notebook')! I think I am more excited about the fact it's theme was two of my favourite things - the colour red & recycling - than anything else. I adore that Cardinal sculpture! Thanks to Gen Obata, who created the list.

I haven't made much progress with Etsy recently.. I was working on a commission which took me far longer than it should've and when I eventually finished I found out I was going to be living alone for the first time ever. Much decorating and homeware crafting ensued. My work room (/guest bedroom) still has a lot of work to be done to it but I cleared it up enough to get a few things done. I have another fabric covered rose notebook nearly finished and 100 other ideas.

For now here are some of my Etsy favourites;

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  1. Hey honey! Long time no speaky :D

    Yay for being featured, and about time too!

    I was wondering, do you fancy doing a commission for me? I just started working in a tea shop in Scotland, and I need a pretty apron to wear. Fancy making me one?

  2. Hey miss!
    I cannot find your email anywhere I'm afraid so could you email me, please; aishawood@gmail.com ?

    When you said you were moving I didn't realise you were moving to Scotland already! How is it? :)