Thursday, 7 February 2008

So far not so good

Coptic Bound Notebook
So far I have proven useless at blogging. I am going to make a great effort to change this though.

Last month I uploaded a few things on to Etsy! First item being the above coptic bound notebook, which has sold already.. I taught myself Japanese Stab Binding using this tutorial and made a few recycled jotter pads to sell;

Recycled Japanese Stab Bound Jotter

I've also been learning to make origami mini paper stars and a family friend spent an afternoon teaching me to make felt beads. I didn't realise it was so simple!

Pancake day was great, I made a batch for lunch with vanilla sugar and lemon juice. I've craved pancakes every day since though!


  1. mmm pancakes. Looks nice and thin - i can never make them like that, whats your secret??? :o

    I would like to tag you :D

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  2. Thanks for the tag! I will do that over the weekend :)

    As for the pancakes - I just ladle a small amount of pancake batter into the centre of a very hot frying pan & quickly tip the mixture until it just coats the bottom evenly. Usually the first one is a complete dud, but after that they're all nice and thin with crisp edges!