Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Typically, the day after a long walk on the beach in the freezing cold & pouring rain, the boiler decides to break down. 3 days in the cold has left me with a nasty chesty cold. I couldn't even enjoy the snow at the weekend. That's ok though, most of my Facebook friends uploaded photos of their snowmen & frolics in the snow.

My mum brought over this new Homeopathy-friendly cough medicine she had bought from Korres. I think I first saw Korres a year or two ago, they had a gorgeous range of Vanilla & Cinnamon products, but sadly at the time they contained Parabens. Now, though, they've changed their ways! All of their body milks & butters smell absolutely divine & leave skin feeling silky & hydrated. I'm hoping to try out their Bamboo styling cream soon.